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Creative Producer

Project Manager

Event Consultant

As an accomplished event producer and creative project manager, I have consistently devised and delivered complex projects within demanding time and cost constraints.

I am confident managing and mitigating risks, whilst maintaining progress in line with project plans. At ease with exploring ideas and determining how best to make any absurd vision a practical reality – by understanding the wishes of the people involved, identifying the resources required and bringing the elements together sympathetically.

I have controlled large six figure (and also very limited) budgets, managed multiple stakeholders and led diverse teams to deliver successful project outcomes.

Having founded numerous award-winning festivals and events, commissioned and collaborated with artists across disciplines, I possess good knowledge of the sector and of varied artistic practices.

I am a passionate advocate for how the creative industries can have a positive impact on society and, having moved to work in Essex, Stoke-on-Trent and also Kingston-upon-Hull, I am particularly interested in how creativity and the arts can alter the perceptions of a place. 

I was an inaugural board member of the national strategic organisation, Outdoor Arts UK and I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for my contribution to the arts in the public realm.

This website presents a selection of projects I have produced and managed. A chronological list of projects I’ve managed can also be found on my LinkedIn page – link below.

The range of services I can offer include those of an event consultant, project manager and creative producer. Further details can be found via the link below – or please contact me to discuss more. 

Photo by Tom Arran

My Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

I believe that everyone stands to benefit when we embrace and value the diversity of thoughts, ideas and ways of working that people from different backgrounds, experiences and identities bring. It means understanding that each individual is unique, recognising and appreciating our differences and commonalities. It helps us to grow and learn, enables us to improve decision-making, boosts engagement and innovation, and enables us to better meet the needs of others.

I am aware that I have a personal responsibility for implementing and promoting equal opportunities in my day to day dealings with people.

In addition, I have received training on diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity and will gladly comply with all relevant legislation and good practice.

Voalá Station, Twilight Spectacle. Photo: Paul Tait

Professional Development

Clore Leadership

The Clore Fellowship aims to develop and strengthen leadership potential across the cultural and creative sectors. The programme I attended helped me to understand and develop my leadership strengths, provided space to challenge prevalent ideas and beliefs and also to develop confidence in my leadership style and potential for impact.

Clore commissions research and encourages provocation pieces from a rich variety of sources, keeping abreast of leadership knowledge and opinion.

Royal Society of Arts

The RSA Fellowship is an inclusive global community committed to finding better ways of thinking, acting and provoking change.

RSA Fellows have been at the forefront of significant social impact for over 250 years.

I was invited to become an RSA Fellow during my time working in Essex devising innovative cultural programmes and my contribution to an RSA initiative that aimed to empower local citizens in the development of the public realm.

Fields of Learning

This is a coaching and leadership development company. Over the past 20 years, they have delivered coaching to leaders, middle managers, parent returners and young people – as well as executive team coaching and leadership & management development programmes.

Fields of Learning work with the ‘whole person’ focusing on physical as well as emotional well-being, taking their work into the outdoors as well as indoors and online.