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BFI Film Projects & Outdoor Cinema

Several examples of film-related projects I’ve produced and been involved in managing are shown via links at the bottom of this page…

Movie Experiences – Indoors and Out

The ‘transformative’ BFI Film Programme at the UK City of Culture included the Doc’n Roll Film Festival, Anthony Minghella Retrospective, Hull Film Festival, screenings to support the LGBT programme, Women of the World Festival and other projects that I was involved in to various degrees. I’ve added images and links to the key projects below.

The life and work of Oscar-winning director, film and television producer and playright Anthony Minghella was celebrated with a series of film screenings and events.

The City of Cinema conference explored the significant role that the area played, and continues to play, in film and television. The conference included screenings, presentations, Q&As, and workshops.

Other events during the UK City of Culture included Digital Dystopias. This was a five-day festival that explored what it meant to be human in the digital age. Films shown included Alex Garland’s excellent Ex Machina; Japanese animation Ghost in the Shell; Spike Jonze’s Her; Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey; and Oliver Stone’s biopic Snowden. The festival also included discussions and Q&As with filmmakers.

In addition to working on diverse cinema events at the UK City of Culture, I’ve produced film events at festivals, venues and outdoor cinema experiences, such as Be Moved.

Be Moved Outdoor Cinema
Outdoor screenings have featured at many of my festivals
I’ve been involved in film seminars and conferences too

Canalside Cinema

The Floating Cinema

Anthony Minghella

Film Retrospective

Be Moved

Open Air Cinema

Ziggy Stardust

Film Retrospective