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Red Bull Taster

The Ambient Lounge (listed under the Music Festivals page of this website) proved so popular that Red Bull asked us to do a corporate version for them – but not so chilled.

Red Bull staff mixing with performers. Photo: Liam Rich

Red Bull wanted to call it Saloon25 (their idea was that as the Lounge was a 24hour non-stop venue but that Red Bull gives you an extra hour in the day) and to give it a loosely Wild West theme.

Many of the acts were Ambient Lounge favourites. Photo: Liam Rich

It worked pretty well, so much so that Red Bull took the idea and and ran with it in the years following – as shown in the video below. We used the fee from Red Bull to support other GuilFin projects, so it all worked out well in the end.

Photo: Liam Rich

Setting-Up at Glastonbury Festival

Crew members Tara and James having just installed the Red Bull branded saloon doors. Photo: Liam Rich
Setting-up the bar and lounge area. We kept things simple to allow or maximum capacity as we were located on a busy route through Glastonbury Festival. Photo: Liam Rich
Framed paintings and flocked wallpaper with Red Bull branding. Photo: Liam Rich
James from Astral (lighting) with Jellytree Craig (TV wall) with the camera. Photo: Liam Rich


Some of the artists were provided by Red Bull. Photo: Liam Rich
Photo: Liam Rich
Photo: Liam Rich
Photo: Liam Rich
The Saloon25 concept was later developed by Red Bull