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Favourite Sounds

Interactive Sonic Art Project

What Are Your Favourite Sounds?

This was an interactive project (that complemented the Mind on the Run music festival that I was a producer on) that invited the public to suggest the sounds that personally define the then UK City of Culture.

It was curated by Sonic artist Peter Cusack, who has been asking these questions since 1998 – and building an endlessly fascinating archive by inviting replies to this question in London, Beijing, Prague, Berlin, Birmingham, Manchester and Southend-on-Sea. The result is a series of intriguing and often surprising results, revealing both the city of the ear, and the significant role that everyday sounds play in our lives.

Favourite Sounds of Hull is a further step in a journey that encouraged the local community, as well as those who know and love Hull, to identify and share with the rest of the world, their favourite sounds of their city – a project devised especially for the UK City of Culture.

The sounds were recorded and made available for all to hear at various live events including Mind on the Run – the year–long celebration of the Hull’s obscurely influential artist, the composer and sonic explorer Basil Kirchin.

The project was co-produced with Serious in association with the School of Arts of the University of Hull.

Favourite Sounds of Hull, UK City of Culture. Graphics by Anna Bean.