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Exploring the Senses

Extra Sensory Perception

We all know the words “seeing is believing” but the rest of the sentence goes “…but feeling is the truth”.

The main five senses

The Sensation event took place across a city centre and explored how our senses gather information about the outside world.

Sensation is fundamental to our experience of reality. You can see, hear, taste, smell and touch things and you can also detect pain, pressure, temperature, and the position and movement of your body. All these sensations are changed into electrical signals and carried to your brain which then puts all the information together to produce the whole picture. Shaped by many things, the senses mediate between mind and body, idea and object, self and environment.

“You are one of the most creative talents with whom I’ve been lucky enough to work. Your unique ability to grow ideas into deliverable events is somethings that few people possess.”

Bernard Mella, Head of Culture

Sensation was a week of over fifty creative activities together with a Sensory Trail. There were also three evenings of stimulating and amusing talks – The Sensory Sessions – at the local university, and all for free.

Part of the guide produced to support Sensation events

We also added many more sensory experiences to the mix, from arts and crafts and sideshows, to pop-up stalls and installations – plus familiar sensory city scenes including the tasty and smelly markets and bright and noisy shops; some with special Sensation promotions to support local retailers.

“Liam’ has the most infectious enthusiasm, the best ideas and makes the impossible possible”

Elaine Tribley, Artist

Those involved in presenting talks, sensory trail and activities at the event included Martin Astell, Peter Clegg, Terri Sawkins, Damien Robinson, Stuart Bowditch, Amanda Westbury, Thomas Freer, Janie Townshend, Lisa Temple Cox, Natasha Carsberg, Jane Turner, Richard Hoadley, Ruth Elizabeth Ball, Amy Mountney, Stuff and Things, Jacqueline Davies, Elaine Tribley, Caroline Hobkinson and many others.

“As a food artist and food anthropologist I am fascinated by food and the rituals connected to eating it. How we can intensify it’s texture and flavour with sound, colours and shapes.” Caroline Hobkinson

The Sensory Trail, Sensation Festival
Oyster Tasting at the Loch Fyne Restaurant featured at Sensation
Elaine Tribley aka Rich Tea Projects testing a new performance of Smelling of Roses – The Essence of You.
The charity Fifth Sense, for those affected by smell disorders