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Land of Green Ginger

Acts of Wanton Wonder – United Under One Story

The Land of Green Ginger – a series of acts of wanton wonder, all united under one story.
"There once was a land that nobody believed existed. And every day people passed by it or around it or over it or through it, but never once saw it or felt it or heard it or knew any person or thing in it. Until, one day, the land revealed itself…"

Acts of Wanton Wonder

Throughout the year, a ground-breaking community engagement project Land of Green Ginger transformed communities across the city into places of wonder, delight, magic and possibility.

Land of Green Ginger was presented in the form of a series of Acts of Wanton Wonder, united under an overarching narrative. The projects were developed and delivered with artists who worked both independently and in collaboration to bring new kinds of art and culture into the neighbourhoods outside the city centre.

The Land of Green Ginger, featured artists Periplum, Joshua Sofaer, And Now, Aswarm, Davy and Kristin McGuire, and Macnas.

The And Now community gathering had music, dance and then a huge bonfire

Hull’s residents were invited to delve into the story, which began in April when it was reported in local media that a huge cache of crates stamped with the words ‘From the Land of Green Ginger’ had been discovered in a vault underneath the city. Fictional investigative organisation The Green Ginger Fellowship was called in to find out more and so they began investigating the contents of the crates.

Through their investigations, The Green Ginger Fellowship unearthed a whole host of strange objects, riddles and clues hinting each time to the heralding of a new Act of Wanton Wonder. With the help of their followers the organisation unravelled the clues and revealed details of each project as the year went on.

All United Under One Story

The seperate ‘acts of wanton wonder’ of the Land of Green Ginger project were as follows:

Act I ~ 7 Alleys

with Periplum

A large public park was taken over with a fusion of music, fire, live performance and pyrotechnics, bringing an East Hull legend to life.

Periplum’s 7 Alleys. Photo: Liam Rich

Act II ~ The Gold Nose of Green Ginger

with Joshua Sofaer

After years lost in the mist of legend, The Gold Nose of Green Ginger was returned to Bransholme for a momentous residency at North Point Shopping Centre.

Act III ~ The Longhill Burn

with And Now

At nightfall, the Longhill community gathered together for music, dancing, pyrotechnics and the lighting of a huge and beautiful bonfire at the local playing fields.

Part of ‘the burn’ presented by And Now

Act IV ~ Re-Rediffusion’s Voice Park

with Aswarm

In a local park, audiences played with the collective power of Hull’s voice, and helped Re-Rediffusion* in their quest to find the elusive Essence de Voix…

(*Rediffusion was an actual TV company based in Hull!)

Part of the Voice Park by Aswarm

Act V ~ Micropolis

with Davy and Kristin McGuire

Inside a local pumping station we explored a bustling city in perfect miniature, built from all corners of our city.

I was Producer involved in the R&D stage of Micropolis with an installation including tiny projections in the street and on the premises of an old cinema

Act VI ~ Land of Green Ginger Unleashed

with Macnas

The Land of Green Ginger was called back in a night of magic and mysticism, populated by the dark, delirious and delicious, along the streets…

A character from the Land of Green Ginger Unleashed twilight promenade by Macnas

“The Land of Green Ginger Unleashed was there for everyone. My granddaughter is four years old, she loved it. There were people in wheelchairs there, they loved it as well. I think it was for the whole population of the city and maybe half of them were there. Everyone there was friendly.”

Residents’ Focus Group Findings Report

Green Ginger Numbers

Over 1500 local people participated in Land of Green Ginger in a variety of roles including performing, hosting, stewarding and invigilating. Land of Green Ginger Unleashed alone was supported by an incredible 200 participants and nearly 900 hours of rehearsal.

Land of Green Ginger engaged with audiences of around 100,000 people across the year and throughout the city, inspiring imagination, connecting communities, and instilling pride in the places people live.

Land of Green Ginger was funded by Spirit of 2012, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and the Arts Council of England.

Part of the 7 Alleys build-up to the Land of Green Ginger to engage local communities. Photo: Liam Rich
Macnas performers at the Land of Green Ginger Unleashed