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East Meets West

Build-up to the Cultural Olympiad in the East

Dance, Lanterns, Music & Fireworks

The East Meets West Twilight Spectacle was inspired by the Chinese mid-autumn Moon Festival.

It began with a daytime Moon Picnic for thousands of people, with a variety of performances by schoolchildren, and displays and demonstrations by local artists and community groups.

The Moon Palace

As the sun set, there was a Moon Parade, with a river of lanterns drawing the audience up a distinctive hill (see photo below) that was on the beautiful site.

“Staging unique, one-off events of huge ambition and scale such as East Meets West and Sparks Will Fly – [we] couldn’t have have delivered these landmark projects without you.”

Essex Cultural Development Team

The night concluded with a large-scale promenade performance by Walk The Plank, with a supporting cast of 600 Creative Partnerships schoolchildren, and with local community groups as performers and participants.

“We were delighted by the enthusiasm of the teachers to appreciate other cultures and develop creative learning through contact with the project.”

Liz Pugh, Walk the Plank

Please check out the short film of the East Meets West project below.

The crowds gather in front of the stage and pagoda
Spectators where treated to a spectacle telling the ancient story depicting the Harvest Festival history with dance, music and fireworks. Photo: Nick Strugnall.

“Liam – You [had] some difficult challenges – East Meets West and London2012. In both cases you delivered outstanding successes.”

Bernard Mella, Head of Culture
Caption to add
A large lantern procession preceded the main show
Performance drummers led the procession
The lanterns trailed through the park to the hill where the main performance began

East Meets West Twilight Spectacle

Preceded by the Chinese Moon Picnic

The finale fireworks begin
The pagoda burn begins
The burn and fireworks together
The fireworks, the burn – and a lantern bunny. Photos: Nick Strugnall


The pagoda that would be burned as the finale of EASTmeetsWEST. Drawing by Walk the Plank.
The Moon Palace set piece planned for the top of the hill where the procession would lead to (see photo above). Drawing by Walk the Plank.
The hill at Weald Country Park with some initial lines drawn in black indicating the intended location of structure.