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International Companies

Festival Programming

Adrian Schwarzstein (Spain): The Green Man

Aerial Enterprise (UK): Magic Roundabout

Aircraft (UK): Dino

Apus Productions (UK): The Birds

Asher Treleaven (Australia)

Artizani (UK): Lobster a La Cart & Bees!

Lobster a La Carte by Artizani (UK)

Avanti Display (UK): Mr Lucky’s Party, The Spurting Man

BAM (Canada): The Barrel Show

Banc Public (France): La Ravauders, Cafe de la Gare

Bangditos (Germany): The 2CV Massacre

The 2CV Massacre by Bangditos (Germany)

Barnaby Gibbons (UK)

Bash Street Theatre (UK): Cliff-Hanger!, The Station, The Strongman

Bedlam Oz (Australia/UK): Big Mob, Familie

Bee & Foley (UK): Lady Christobel and Butler

Big Rory (UK): Seagulls

Buffalo Tank (UK): The Calliope Stage, Tankton Village

Bureau of Silly Ideas (UK): The Small Job, The Ground Job, The Hole Job, Sweet Smell of Success, Flowerpots, Dustbins, Denis the Skeleton, Baby in Buggy

Chapeau Magique (France)

Cie de Quatre Saisons (France): Flower Fairies

Cie Ebadidon (Belgium): Ebadiscaphe

Cie Malabar (France): The Voyage of the Ship of Dreams

Compagnie Malabar’s Ship of Fools

Cirque Bijou (UK): Spotless

Close Act (Holland): Saurus, Aliens, XL Insects

Commandos Percu (France): Le Concert de Feu

Compagnie Albedo (France): Les Big Brozeurs, Les Tonys

Les Tonys by Cie Albedo

Compagnie Ebadidon (France): La Sablioscope

Corpus (Canada): Flock of Flyers, Les Moutons

Crealid (France): Les Catapultes

Creature Feature (UK): Gossips, Mountain Gorillas

Creature Encounter (UK): Penguins

D’Outre Rue (Belgium): Les Orbilys

Dirigibile (Spain): The Airship

Dan Peppiatt (UK): Misadventures of a Victorian Dragon, Dragon’s Lair, Elementree, Alfonso Milano’s Mechanical Marvel

Dans La Poche (UK / France): La Sybille

Department of Correction (UK): Helicopter Landing Officer, Mr Radio Control, Goose, Frank


Dot Comedy (UK): Changing Streets, Misinformation Tent, Newsdesk, Car Boot Sale, Chat Show, Peter & Jane Enjoy a Picnic, The Half Naked Chef

Dream Engine (UK): Heliosphere

Dreamon (UK): Skintos Banditos, Good Knight Pyjamas, Flowerpots

Dynomegene (France): Mister Culbuto, The Cymbalobylette

Elaine Tribley / Rich Tea Projects (UK): Smelling of Roses – The Essence of You

Fair Play (UK): The Fairly Fresh Fish Company, Rambling On

Fanfare Le S.N.O.B. (France)

Fanfare Le S.N.O.B. performing with Theater Titanick’s Firebirds show

Flaming Fun (UK): Flowers, Fire Show

Folk Dance Remixed (UK)

Fried Gold Theatre (UK): The Walrus & The Carpenter

Gary Gifford (UK)

Gobbledegook Theatre (UK): Ear Trumpet

Grand Theatre of Lemmings (UK): Smallest Theatre in the World

Grupo Puja (Argentina): Kaosmos

Grupo Puja’s spectacle from Argentina

Heir of Insanity (UK): Revolutions and so…

Herbie Treehead (UK): Dinosaur Show

Hetty Burton (UK): Esmerelda Meak

High Rise Rubber (UK): Insectoids

Hoodwick (UK): Tock Tick, Gastronomic

Icarus (Australia): Roo’d

Imperial Kikiristan (France): Imperial Parade of Kikiristan

Insect Circus Society (UK): Insect Circus Museum

The Insect Circus Museum

Invisible Circus (UK): The What Is, Fat Giant

Irreverent Ink (UK): Lego People

Italento (Italy): Carillon

Italento’s beautiful Carillon – a ballerina on a mobile piano, with pianist

Ivan Iversion (UK)

Joanna Peacock (UK): Freaks, Dragon’s Lair, Love Hearts, Candy Colours, Candy Canes and more

Jonny Antrobus (UK) The Art Cannon, Toast Office, Tankton Slightly Odd Village Fete

KL Aerial Studio (UK)

Ko Mic (France): Jean Martin du Verrin

Jean Martin du Verrin by KO Mic

La Belle Image (France): Diabladas Corps Soufflants

La Complet’ Mandingue (France)

Larkin About (UK): The Angels, Tritons, Ghosties, Granny Turismo

Les Goulus (France): Les Cupidon, Les Krishnous, Les Explorateurs, Spiders, Horsemen

Les Goulus – Les Cupidon

Les Grooms (France): La Barronade, A Band for All Seasons, Les Ballet Grooms

Les Sangles (France): Le Sapeur Sangles

Les Zanimos (France): Andrée Kupp Dresseuse

Light Fantastic (UK): Tango on the Edge

Loose Cannon (UK): Trial and Error

Los Fandangos (Spain): Music Box

Los Fandangos – Music Box

Los Kaos (UK): The Tribe, Polar Bear, Felix & Felix Brent The English Gents, The Dinosaur

Mark Tate & the Screaming Me Me’s (Australia/UK): Flume, Family Tree

Mark Tate

Mischief La-Bas (UK): Harbuck & Futtock – Milliners of Distinction

Mortal Orchestra (UK)

Mouth & Trousers (UK): Budgerigars, Lawnmower Men

Musical Ruth (UK)

Neighbourhood Watch (UK): Caterpillar, Spider, Les Oiseaux, The Butterlfy Collection, Ants

Osadia (Spain): Transformations

Osadia – extravagant hairdressing in the street

Other Halves Productions (UK): WatchingMeWatchingYou

Ozstar (Australia): Ozstar Airlines

Paka (UK): Mechanical Horse


Pangottic Circus Theatre (UK): Thingumabob

People Show (UK): The King of Dysfunctional Doowap, Vladimar Illich Lenin

Peter Clegg / Cleggfu (UK): Talk to Phil, Front Room, The Preacher

Picto Facto (France): Coquecigrues, Brimborions, Coruscants

Pied En Sol (France): Filigrane Fanfare

Dance from Compagnie Pied en Sol

Pif-Paf (UK): Honey, Flycycle, Submercycle

Plunge Boom (UK): Microscopic Animal Enthusiasts, Allotment, Vegetable Nannies, Troll’s Kitchen

Poles Apart (UK): Military Intelligence, The Ugly Bug Ball

Princesses Peluches (France): Rose

Ramshacklicious (UK): Road to Nowhere, The Small Time

Rimski’s Bicycle Piano (UK)

Rin Tin Tin (UK): Wind People

Rob Fiery (UK)

Rupert Bimble (UK): Around the World in 80 Ways

Scarabeus (UK): Skywalkers

Schpouki Rolls (France): Main Chaude, La Porteuse D’eau

La Porteuse D’eau by Schpouki Rolls

Speakeasy Theatre (UK): The Radio Show

Sputniks (UK): Table & Chair

Stickleback Plasticus (UK): Cat Litter, St Joan’s Ambulance

Sticks & Stones Productions (UK): Fire & Glow Show

Stuff & Things (UK): Smudge and Futter’s Antidote to Life, Carpet Man & Lino Boy, The Lost Funeral, Futter’s Child, The Thinker, The Lady Thinker, Edmund Tahl

The Thinker by Stuff and Things

Strangelings (UK): Liver Birds, Itinerants, Photographers, The Museum, Gaiety Engine

Swizzleshaker (UK): Cocktails for Two

Teatro Pachuco (Mexico): Just Passing Thru, Hornheads

Teatro Pavana (Holland): Giraffes, Colours, Antilopi, Struzzi

The Natural Theatre Company (UK): Coneheads, End is Nigh, Nannies, Red People, Pink Suitcases, Private Landladies, Canoodling Coppers, Flowerpots, Elvis and Housewife, Underpants Wedding, Tarts, The Lomg Weight, Jordan Fan Club, Zookeepers, Bees, Ventriloquist’s Dummies, Pigeon Poo People, Henry VIII, No Smiling Day Vigil and many more

Theater Titanick (Germany): Firebirds


Tit for Tat (UK): Danger Tea

Upswing (UK)

Utopium (France): Haute Pointure

Voalá Project (Spain): Voalá Station

Voodoo Vaudeville (UK): Battuballet, Clatteratti

Vreni (UK): Beni the Buzzard

Walk the Plank (UK): Fireball Finale

Whalley Range Allstars (UK): Secret Life of the Dummy, The Pig, Compost Mentis

One from the Whalley Range Allstars roster of great shows – The Pig

Will Dings (UK): Lenny Stobart

Woody Bop Muddy (UK): Record Breaking Show

Wrongsize (UK): Whitelight

Zenith (UK): Fire Juggling, Acrobats

Zirk Theatre (Belgium): Apex Moving, The Pacik Brothers

The list above includes companies employed to perform at the Twilight Spectacles which was often promoted under the Streetdiversions Festival banner

Sometimes I travel abroad to arts festivals to check out performers before booking them. Here I am in Chalon, France – with appropriate signage?
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