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At the very bottom of this page are links to the series of Twilight Spectacles that I produced and co-produced.

A Series of Night-Time Wonders

These events were usually part of the Streetdiversions Festival of Outdoor Arts but could also be promoted as seperate entities.

They were large-scale, unseated, outdoor shows that took place in the public realm – such as huge empty car parks, long wide streets or open green spaces.

“Staging unique, one-off events of huge ambition and scale – [we] couldn’t have have delivered these landmark projects without you.”

Cultural Development Team, Essex County Council

As long as there was sufficient space for the large crowds and essential access for equipment such as cranes then such performances can take place pretty much anywhere.

They were some of the most challenging events to do but the reward of such spectacles with the looks of wonder on people’s faces was priceless.

Les Commandos Percu with stunning pyrotechnics we needed to locate close to the audience to enhance the thrill
Voalá Station took place in a large empty car park and the adjacent office building provided an extra nice layer of visual