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The Concert of Fire

The Concert of Fire Twilight Spectacle by Les Commandos Percu

“Let The Fire Burn, Let The Bodies Dance.”

This Twilight Spectacle was The Concert of Fire (Le Concert de Feu) by French master percussionists and pyrotechnicians, Les Commandos Percu.

It was a show performed in front of thousands of people, with the need to have the audience as close to the pyrotechnics as possible – yes, there’s greater danger but there is also greater thrill. It’s getting that balance right that makes this one of the best outdoor pyro shows around.

Le Concert de Feu Twilight Spectacle

In the words of the company… “Neither a firework display nor a concert, Le Concert de Feu places the element of fire at the centre of artistic expression. Les Commandos Percu have travelled the world and discovered that there is a common rhythmical language through all cultures, a universal music felt in the gut. Driven onward by the drums and the clamour of the audience it becomes a huge fire.”

Le Concert de Feu Twilight Spectacle

One of the great moments of the show, Les Commandos Percu distribute hundreds of magic sparklers to the audience, each one becoming a star.

Les Commandos Percu remind us that we live on a ball of fire and that there is no greater sorcery than this fusion of the circle of fire, which removes the shadows and brings men closer. Giddiness, fireworks of emotions, immediate feelings of touching the essence of humanity, the spectacles of Les Commandos Percu are a kind of initiation into our human condition in its terrible and elementary beauty.

Les Commandos Percu performing


Stage Left at the Concert of Fire
Setting up the stage
Stage Right at the Concert of Fire
This shows the screen in place
At the back you can see the pyrotechnics set-up
On the left is the emergency PA system