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Official Trailer for Firebirds by Theater Titanick

Prepare for Take-Off

The dream of flying is celebrated in this parade designed to electrify (not literally, but it felt suitably dangerous nonetheless) the audience.

Six daredevil pilots and their flying machines, accompanied by the ground crew and the French music group Fanfare Le S.N.O.B., take part in a flying competition. The pilots try to win the favour of the audience as they go along.

Photo: Terry Crouch

There is a wild struggle for the best starting positions. The pilots get in each other’s way and interfere with each other. They steal their competitor’s equipment, and do everything to reach the take-off strip first.

Before that, however, they must go through a number of trials and rituals, for instance, a pit stop that turns dangerous.

Firebirds Twilight Spectacle. Photo: Terry Crouch

For the finale of the flying parade, the machines are guided into position one after the other by the traffic controllers, ready for the flying demonstration.

But the pilots don’t only use the ramp to present their machines, they take every opportunity to show themselves off. In the end, the take-off attempts end as miserably as they do spectacularly. Only one pilot is able to fulfill her long-standing dream and she floats off into the night sky, accompanied by poetic fire effects.

This Twilight Spectacle was an unseated outdoor show that was free to the public. Some of the performance was on a stage (as shown) and many of the vehicles raced through the crowds in the park, which was exciting and slightly daunting. A matter of trusting the artists as they had performed this piece many many times before all over the world.

A Firebirds daredevil pilot. Photo: Theater Titanick
Theater Titanick performer. Photo: Terry Crouch.
A Firebirds flying machine. Photo: Theater Titanick