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The Kaosmos Twilight Spectacle by Argentinian company Grupo Puja!

A Cosmic Dance

Following some small-scale performances by warm-up acts (presented as the audience gathered prior to the main show) this Twilight Spectacle featured the UK premiere of Kaosmos. Argentine company Grupo Puja! performed a death-defying dance routine hanging from a globe 60 feet directly above the audience.

The lowering of the metal ball to the stage

The Argentinian company have performed their dazzling show internationally, however we secured the UK premiere.

It saw acrobats performing a mixture of circus and dance choreography together with a live band with music influenced by new age, ethnic and classical, integrated with electronic rock.

These ‘snowy’ white blobs are bio-degradeable packaging nuts that the performers released at height. The nuts were cleared up after the show anyway.
A live band provided the music for the aerial performance

The Kaosmos show as described by the Grupo Puja! company…

A molecular ritual, a cosmic dance. We seek to capture the energies of the place and their meanings through the sequential fusion of desires, poetic experiences and synchronized movements.

An expected celebration that floats sustained by the presence of the public. We direct our stimuli and energies to one person… every person present… and we keep looking higher, deeper.

It is a contagion of sensations in a cosmic allegory
in which the public assists with the look towards the sky.

This was an unseated outdoor show that was free to the public.

An example of the set-up, with a huge crane required to lift the performers high (and safely) above the audience
The build up to the aerial show
There’s something about taking the show over the heads of the assembled crowd. It’s scary to organise but makes it so much more dramatic for the audience!