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The Voyage of the
Ship of Dreams

The Voyage of the Ship of Dreams Twilight Spectacle by Compagnie Malabar

Nautical Promenade with Foamy Finale

The Ship of Dreams set sail along the streets as a celestial crew of stilt walkers, musicians and aerialists delighted and mystified the audience.

Spectators then followed the ship to where it lay anchor in the local park and were treated to a stunning finale that unleashed special effects and an ocean of foam for the public to play in.

The foam finale of this Twilight Spectacle

This Twilight Spectacle, for which I programmed Compagnie Malabar and their show, The Voyage of the Ship Dreams, which they had performed for many years across the world. It is a promenade performance followed by an unseated show in a park that was free to the public.

The Voyage of the Ship of Dreams sets sail along the street