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Voalá Station

Voalá Station Twilight Spectacle by Voalá

An Extraordinary Aerial Show

For this year’s Twilight Spectacle I was excited to bring over to the UK the acclaimed Spanish company Voalá who have toured the world with their outdoor art and aerial performance, Voalá Station.

It is an extraordinary skyline show with live music and a curious tale told against the evening sky.

The action began with the story being told on the stage

Like the other Twilight Spectacles, the format involved some walkabout acts (programmed seperately) that would mingle with the gathering crowd, to keep them amused, build up anticipation and also extend the duration of the overall show. It was an unseated outdoor show that was free to the public.

After the walkabout acts, Voalá Station was full of beautiful and extraordinary moments that thrilled the crowd.

Thousands of people gathered to witness, in the words of the company “an intense poetic, magical and dizzy reminder of the extraordinary that surrounds us every day.”

The story was as follows… Four businessmen miss the last train and a mysterious homeless woman gives them a flower. The flower’s powerful potion creates a spellbinding night full of seductive sirens, surreal action and an amazing show of aerial performance with live music unfolding against the evening sky directly above the audience’s heads…

The hired industrial crane enabled us to take the performers high above the audience – directly over their heads for added drama

This Twilight Spectacle was presented by the Voalá Project, a company of musicians, circus performers, visual artists, climbers and engineers.

As the crowd gathered, some ground-based acts mingled with the audience
The large office building next to the site provided the opportunity to highlight the performers this way
The acts programmed were not from the Voala company but reflected their aesthetic
A routine using silks
The stiltwalkers helped build anticipation for the main show
Towards the end of the Voalá Station show


The crane placed to the side of the stage
Testing the crane for lifting the performers
The routines were rehearsed the night before