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The UK
City of Culture

Over 365 Days of Events in the City of Hull, Yorkshire, UK

Looking back on just six months of the City of Culture year. There were several projects running every day and it was amazing to be a part of as a producer.

At the bottom of this page is the main selection of projects I was involved in during my time as a Producer at the UK City of Culture.

Sleep When It’s Over

The aim was to deliver 365 days of transformative culture through a range of diverse and high profile cultural events and projects.

I feel this was definitely achieved, and perhaps the projects I was involved in, shown here, will give you a flavour of the richness and diversity of the cultural programme. There were literally hundreds of projects and several each day. It was monumental, exhausting and quite glorious to be a part of.

At its core was an ambition to commission, produce, fund, and support a world-class cultural programme, presenting the highest quality local, national and international art.

The programme was curated to take the audience across a journey of four seasons, each with a unique view of the city of Hull and its position in the world.

The first season was designed to be more inwardly facing and celebratory, focusing on Hull’s heritage and historic contribution to the world, whilst the last season was designed to look outwards towards a revitalised future for the city.

This incredible show was used as a preview of what would come later during the UK City of Culture year. A playful, visual spectacle that enchanted audiences of all ages. Place des Anges performed by Gratte Ciel.