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Project Portfolio

UK City of Culture

Daily Events for a Year

North Atlantic Flux Festival

Curated by John Grant

The 3foot People Festival

UK's Largest for Smallest

Concert of Fire

Twilight Spectacle

BBC Contains Strong Language

Spoken Word Festival

Floating Cinema

Canalside Viewing

Voalá Station

Twilight Aerial Spectacle

Voice Park

Capturing the Essence-du-Voix


Exploring the Senses

The Fling Festival

UK's Only Exclusively for Adults

The Big Malarkey

Literature Festival


International Festival of Outdoor Arts

Jibber Jabber

Festival of Stories

Anthony Minghella

Film Retrospective


Twilight Spectacle


Immersive Experience

Favourite Sounds

Sonic Art Project

Mind on the Run Festival

Celebrating Music Genius

The 3foot People Party

A Tiny Something

Land of Green Ginger

Acts of Wanton Wonder

The Shop of Poems

Community Engagement

The Voyage of the Ship of Dreams

Parade & Twilight Spectacle

Fling Family Cabaret

A Short Affair

A Colossal Wave

Immersive VR Experience

Global Gala

Diversity Celebrated

The V Festival

Music Arenas

LONDON2012 Cultural Olympiad

Build Up & Culmination


Fire, Water, Metal


Twilight Aerial Spectacle

Big Top Festival

Music, Comedy & More

Be Moved

Open Air Cinema

Public Art

Challenging Perceptions

Gallery with Garden

The Artist & His Muse

East Meets West

Moon Picnic & Twilight Spectacle

Hallows' Eve

Costume Ball

The Spectacular

Influencing Change

Ambient Green Picnic / Festival

Consume Less Share More

Lost & Found Office of Oddities

Variations on Normal - Artist R&D

Sparks Will Fly

Olympic Torch & Twilight Spectacle

Sowing Seeds

Nurturing the Counter-Culture


Adult Cabaret Night

The Ambient Lounge

Glastonbury & Beyond


Winter Celebrations

GuilFin Media

UK Counter-Culture Guide

Staffordshire Festival

[ Page Under Construction ]

Voices That Take You Places

Bus Stop Take-Over - Artist R&D

Ziggy Stardust

Film Retrospective

World Scouts Jamboree

Mass Gathering


Red Bull Glastonbury Taster

Small Wonders

Outdoor Art Commissions

Artist Development

Collaboration Case Studies

End of Days

[ Project in Development ]

Portfolio of Events, Festivals, Experiences, Installations & Special Projects Commissioned / Devised / Delivered

Images used on this website were produced by the artists featured or are photos/images by P Tait, N Strugnall, P Starr, T Arran, T Crouch, CM1, A Bean & L Rich.