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An Immersive Art/Science Experience

Film showing just two zones of the installation in development. The final piece had six zones.

“One of the best things I’ve ever seen – magic made real.”

Comment by audience member

The World-Premiere of BODY

BODY was an immersive outdoor installation exploring human biology through light, sound and fire – and I had the honour of helping to bring it to life for it’s first, complete presentation.

As the pandemic raged across the world, Walk the Plank turned its attention to the human body: a place of peril that can be invaded by a virus, but also a place of wonder and enquiry.

“The drama of the entire piece was just incredible!”

During lockdown, inventor Richard Babington and Walk the Plank’s team of ever-creative explorers created BODY, a playful night-time installation that can be delivered safely in accordance with Covid-19 protocols.

“The playfulness, the spectacle, the multi-sensory experience, the science – all fab.”

Inspired by anatomical science, BODY is an outdoor immersive journey through six different zones, mixing human biology with light, special effects, sound and fire. Using cutting-edge technology to create a deeper understanding of the science of the human form, BODY has been designed to inspire young and curious minds and offers a range of options for educational engagement in STEAM subjects.

“A beautiful, immersive and spectacular audio-visual delight!”

The quotes shown are from members of the audience who came to experience BODY at the British Science Festival.

Photo: Liam Rich

“Liam – On behalf of the British Science Association, I wanted to thank you for all your support and hard work to make BODY happen. We simply could have not made BODY happen without your support. The feedback about working with you from the Festival team and from Walk the Plank has been incredibly positive. Everybody was very pleased with the immersive experience and it definitely was the highlight of the Festival programme this year.”

Antonio Benitez
Head of Festivals
The entrance to BODY
Photo: Liam Rich
Photo: Liam Rich