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Clients, Stakeholders, Peers, Artists, Creatives

“Your enthusiasm and energy has been evident in buckets and has been incredibly valuable to our city.”

Paul Hirst, Aquila Holdings

“From the bottom of my heart thank you for all the work and [that you] went out on a limb to trust in me.

New growth directions, scary unknown, but very exciting. You are a visionary.”

Joanna Peacock, Artist

“You are one of the most creative talents with whom I’ve been lucky enough to work.

Your unique ability to grow ideas into deliverable events is something that few people possess.”

Bernard Mella
Head of Culture

“Staging unique, one-off events of huge ambition and scale such as East Meets West and Sparks Will Fly – [we] couldn’t have delivered these landmark projects without you.”

Cultural Development Team
Essex County Council

“I would like to thank you for the support, guidance and expertise which you have provided over many years.

It has been an honour to work with you.”

Anna Emtage
M & G Investments

“I’m delighted to have been involved, collaborating on some great projects [with Liam] over the years and forging incredible working relationships with other artists.”

Dan Peppiatt, Artist

“It’s been a pleasure working with you over the years – I’ve learnt a lot from you.”

Lindsey Strange
Cultural Projects Manager

“You’re one of the few people I know who I would truly call a visionary. Your ability to come up with ideas that simply no-one else had ever thought of always impressed me.”

Nick Wheatley
Theatre Manager

“Thank you for supporting me and my local business, it was a pleasure working with you – I’ve learnt a lot!”

Jules Pinkney
Sshhh Events

“Whatever the event, your professionalism and determination to achieve the highest possible standards was always evident.”

Anna Emtage
M & G Investments

“Dude – You created stuff that only a passionate culture lover could.”

Chris MacMeikan
Continental Drifts

Not many other event professionals would have had the skill nor imagination to conceptualise and bring to life a series of multi-award-winning festivals – let alone double the events capacities.”

Nick Crow
Event Production Manager

“Working with Liam creates opportunities for individuals and communities to work in new and innovative ways, connect with a wider network of arts and cultural groups and reach wider audiences.”

Mike Dodsworth, Artist

“Liam manages a festival in which both artists and the general public are treated to an enjoyable experience in which every detail has been seen to, and corners have not been cut. His festivals are very distinctive and feature the best shows worldwide.”

Paul Miskin, NWS International

“Thank you very much for inviting us to help you with some fabulous events. I’ve learnt so much!”

Naomi Bonich, Event Graduate – now Associate Producer at the BBC

“Thank you for many creative curiosities and events over the years.

Your dedication has never faultered and you have supported me no end.”

Amy Mountney, Artist

“You have always been such a huge support.

Your organisational skills are superb as organising a festival, let alone two at the same time needs a steady hand.”

Susan Pattrick, Disability Specialist, Dancing Giraffe

“Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to gain experience from you.

I will remember it forever and throughout my career.”

Emily Shaw, Event Graduate

“The most important cultural happening to take place locally for a generation – [providing] a much needed platform for artists and talent from all backgrounds to gain experience.”

Marc Miller, Cultural Manager on The Fling Festival

“Thank you. It was a real privilege to work with the range of talent you had gathered together.

I particularly appreciate the risk you were willing to take committing to [new] performances.”

Gordon Flemons, Artist

[Liam] opened my mind to possibilities and I’ve picked up many key event and management skills from working as part of his team. His project and budget management skills are second-to-none.

Nick Crow
Event Production Manager

“A lot of people owe much of their fun, happiness and laughter to what you have achieved over the years.”

Candice Robinson
Marketing Executive

“In my view you have done a lot more for street arts than people now on honours lists by simply treating people and artists properly.”

Paul Miskin, NWSI

“Thank you for the opportunity to take part working on great tasks and with so [many] new and amazing people.”

Louise Hills, Event Graduate

“What a fabulous inspiration you’ve been Liam.”

Anthony Roberts
Colchester Arts Centre

“You developed as a resourceful, effective team leader… showing considerable personal commitment.”

Bernard Mella
Head of Culture

“Liam’s incredible commitment to artists, his support, energy and encouragement have massively impacted and grown my art practice beyond what I thought possible.”

Elaine Tribley, Artist