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“Liam and his team have been the most supportive of anyone that I have worked or collaborated with. This
has been in the form of specific involvement for events and just as importantly, specific feedback and support on new projects. They have also encouraged me to forge new working relationships with other artists.”

Dan Peppiatt, artist and engineer
The tree was perfect for the hot days often enjoyed at The 3foot People Festival

Metal, Water & Fire

This sculpture was a five-metre high structure inspired by an oak tree and crafted from hundreds of metres of discarded and rusting rebar steel, copper pipe and discarded objects.

The tree during the day as it spouted water at children at The 3foot People Festival

Leaves, clouds and copper kettles would spray water on the spectators below. Trumpets and bugles played from above and jets of fire could be released from the canopy.

Elementree at The Fling Festival

As an interactive piece, the audience could control the water effects during the day and the fire effects at night.

Over a period of years this toured most major UK music and outdoor arts festivals, as well as many festivals on the continent.

Elementree was co-commission that I arranged with Essex & Suffolk Water. 

Other Special Metal Works & Performances Commissioned

I supported local artists as much as I could through their association with the festivals I ran and with any available commissioning funds I could muster.

Other projects developed by Dan Peppiatt include Alfonso Milano’s Mechanical Marvel and together with Jonny Antrobus – the Art Cannon.

Alfonso Milano’s Mechanical Marvel that appeared at the international Streetdiversions Festival
Mechanical dragon built by Dan that appeared at Frost & Fire
The Art Cannon that appeared at multiple festivals I ran
The flame throwing tree behind some festival site decor
A close-up of Elementree
The tree in the local High Street on a hot summer day